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FAQS (All About Implant Dentistry)

Are implants always successful?
Improvements in procedures and materials have given implants a ten year average success rate of 93% or better. Dental implant is a treatment of team work. Maintaining a good oral hygiene from patient's side also increases the success rate.

Can failed implants be replaced?
In the unlikely event that an implant fails, it can definitely be replaced. However, it may need other treatment such as bone graft to help foundation be stronger. In fact, most patients would not have it any other way!

Is everyone a candidate for implant treatment?
In general, anyone healthy enough to undergo routine tooth extraction or oral surgery is able to receive an implant. There are health conditions that warrant special consideration. Certain chronic diseases, heavy smoking or alcohol abuse may contraindicate implant treatment. After careful evaluation of your health history, Dr. Li will alert you to any conditions that may affect your treatment. Remember, age is not a factor!

Dental Implant by Dr. David C. Li, DDSHow long does complete treatment take?
Simple implant treatment can be completed as 3 months to 6 more months. If more treatments are necessary such as bone grafting and extraction, additional time may be needed.

Is there pain or discomfort?
Many patients report implant surgery less troublesome than having teeth removed. If you follow post-op instruction, you can expect minimal discomfort. Also, Dr. Li may prescribe you to help with the pain.

What can I expect after treatment?
As you know, your own teeth require at-home oral care and regular dental visits. Dental implants are just like your own teeth and will require the same care. In order to keep your implant clean and plaque-free, brushing and flossing still apply! After treatment, periodic follow up visits will be scheduled to monitor your implant, teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.

How much does implant treatment cost?
The cost of dental implant treatment depends on the number of implants and other additional treatment. For example, replacement of a single tooth with implant treatment can cost about as much as a dental bridge. Check out our promotions for current cost.

Dental Implant by Dr. David C. Li, DDSMy kid is 15 and he broke his front tooth while playing sports. Should we consider getting Implant?
It is recommended that the candidate for dental implant should be 18 years and older. If an implant is placed at early age where the patient's jaw is in process of growing, it may result in a negative outcome since implant does not move as other teeth are still moving/growing. Dr. Li will recommend different treatment for the moment.

What's removable denture? How does it work?
One of the disadvantages of conventional denture is the loose fit of appliance. As many patients have difficulty enjoying food such as steak for this reason, it can also put their general health in danger. Removable denture on the other hand is fixed to your jaw with support of dental implants. Once dental implants are placed on your jaw, Dr. Li will install attachments to your denture that can be easily clicked to implants. You won't have to worry about your moving dentures anymore and it will look like natural teeth!

Do you offer any financial payment option?
Yes we do! We understand everyone is going through a tough time and would like to give peace of mind when treating your teeth. Please ask our financial coordinator for payment options.Dental Implant by Dr. David C. Li, DDS

Will my insurance cover implant cost?
Depending on what insurance plan you have, they may cover up to 50% of your cost. Some may only cover the crown portion but we’ve noticed the change in insurance company that they are starting to pay for the complete procedure. Let us verify your benefit to give you the right estimate.

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